Class time cut in half for juniors, seniors at Riverside High School

Class time cut in half for juniors, seniors at Riverside High School
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

LAKE CITY, AR (KAIT) - A new schedule announced means shorter school days for some Riverside High School students.

The school board recently passed a new policy for the upcoming school year.

After the Arkansas Legislature repealed requirements that high school students (9-12 grades) enroll in no less than 350 minutes of instruction each day, Riverside is one of the first districts in the state to act.

"We are constantly trying to improve our school," High School Principal Matt Ziegler said. "So, we got to looking. We want to allow our juniors and seniors to come to school, take the necessary courses they need to graduate."

The school board passed the Modified Schedule Policy for juniors and seniors only.

Class-time for qualified students will be cut starting next school year.

"We have several students that are taking courses that they don't need to," Ziegler said. "The state requires they get 23 credits, well many of our seniors have almost met that requirement or is close to it. So, their day is full of classes that are unnecessary."

Instead of attending a full day, students can choose one of three tracks mentioned in the modified schedule.

Each track consists of four class periods, with eight periods making up a full school day.

"We don't want them to take four classes a day and then go home and go back to bed, that's not what we are shooting for," Ziegler said. "We want them to come to school and have a plan for after they leave school. If they want to leave for some type of employment, some type of higher education needs, they can leave our school and come in late and go to a job, a college course, a technical school."

Ziegler said this plan allows greater flexibility for students to meet educational needs and bridges the gap between high school and their future.

The school will soon give out applications to students to apply for the modified schedule.

"They have to have certain credit requirements, but we are still in the infancy stage of what's going to be included in our application," Ziegler said.

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