Dana Ford's- Bedroom

Dana Ford- Jonesboro

Why I Need a New Bedroom:

  1. I really really want a comfortable beautiful room to escape to each evening. As a school counselor, I need a place to relax and clear my mind.
  2. My bedroom adds stress instead of easing it. There are computer, exercise equipment, laundry, etc everywhere.
  3. It has never been "finished" or warm looking. I don't know what to do with it!
  4. I need HELP with this room!
  5. The master bedroom has never held "top priority" when decorating the house.
  6. It is a nice size and could look great if someone with decorating talent took it on.
  7. Maybe the purple cough medicine stain on the carpet would be covered with a beautiful rug.
  8. It would be a treat for a birthday present (October 31)!