Mississippi Death Toll Hits 126, Rescues Continue

September 1, 2005-- Posted at 4:00 PM CDT

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) _ Mississippi's death toll from Hurricane Katrina has reached 126, as more rescue teams spread out to search for the living.

All along the 90-mile coast, emergency workers are performing the grisly task of retrieving bodies. Some of the dead are lying on streets and in the ruins of obliterated homes that stretch back blocks from the beach.

Tons of rotting shrimp and chickens blown from containers at a shipping dock were dumped into the water and onto the tattered landscape. State emergency officials say 882-thousand homes or businesses are still without electricity. Some won't have power for weeks or longer.

Even in northern Mississippi, locals and stranded evacuees wait for hours to buy gasoline at upward of three dollars a gallon. There were complaints that a few stations were selling gas for up to six dollars a gallon.

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