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Law school launches program to better serve rural counties

(Source: KARK) (Source: KARK)
(Source: KARK) (Source: KARK)
(Source: KARK) (Source: KARK)

The University of Arkansas-Little Rock Bowen School of law recognizes a shortage of lawyers in the states rural counties.

According to KARK, only 25 of the states most rural counties have only one or no lawyers at all.

The Bowen School of Law is starting a new chapter this Fall where students and alumni can take what they learn from the books to the bench.

"Arkansas is the most underserved state in the country when it comes to lawyers," said Amy Johnson, Executive Director with the Arkansas Access to Justice Commission.

Johnson said Arkansas' 3,000 attorneys are unable to serve the state's three million people.

"Two-week training boot camp to learn how to start a law practice and basics of practicing law," said Amy Pritchard, Director of Rural Practice Incubator Project.

The Rural Practice Incubator Project will offer free training, resources, mentorship and financial aid, equipping and motivating new attorneys to open up their practices in parts of the state needing lawyers the most.

There are about 60 of these types of incubators nationwide. 

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