April Teacher of the Month: Laurie Mock

April Teacher of the Month: Laurie Mock

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - The collages of April's Teacher of the Month said she survived a serious car accident, spent weeks in different hospitals, and pushed through it all while thinking of her students.

A surprise was met with tears from April's Teacher of the Month, Laurie Mock of Park Elementary in Corning.

Mock said it's the kids that pushed her towards recovery after she and her family were hurt in a crash on their way to church nearly three years ago. Her husband and son suffered non-life threatening injuries, but Laurie was airlifted to a hospital in Memphis with numerous broken bones and internal injuries. She spent more than a month and a half in two different hospitals.

"I was afraid that I couldn't teach. I had most of my injuries on my right side of my body. I'm right-handed, and I kept saying 'I can't teach if my hand doesn't work'," said Mock.

She was unable to work for the rest of the school year, but then the sound of children spurred her to action.

"From home I could hear the boys and girls outside on the playground,  and that motivated me to get back. Because I knew this is where I needed to be," said Mock, from inside her classroom.

Later, Mock rolled into the school in her wheelchair. Then from wheelchair to a walker to a cane, Mock recovered. Now, she stands on her own in front of the classroom.

"I hope that my kids see, can learn a lesson. Don't let stuff get you down, and keep going," said Mock.

She said during her recovery students, staff, and family supported her every step.

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