Children learn about 911, visit with deputies

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Officials in Lawrence County are working to teach kids about calling 911.

Lawrence County 911 Coordinator Paige Vanbrook visited more than 300 kindergarteners in all five Lawrence County elementary schools.

On Wednesday, one of her final stops was to visit kids at Sloan-Hendrix Elementary.

She shared the importance of kids knowing their address and knowing when to call 911.

"This is the best part of my job is coming out and interacting with all these kids and getting to put a friendly face to 911," Vanbrook said.

The kids were also given a special 911 coloring book and some crayons to help them learn even more.

Sloan-Hendrix kindergarteners were also visited by a firefighter, who brought his truck.

A Lawrence County sheriff's deputy also showed off his patrol car and let the kid contact 911 dispatch on his radio.

"It's an education for the kids in sending police cars and officers out," she said.  "So, the kids aren't scared when they come in contact with them."

Vanbrook says she hopes to visit the schools again next year to continue teaching 911.

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