New Odyssey of the Mind team makes it to world competition

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BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) - Brookland School District's first Odyssey of the Mind team competed at both regional and state competition this year and did really well, but now they need help from community members to go even farther.

Seven second-grade students form the school's OM team.

"Odyssey of the Mind is a creative thinking competition," Brookland teacher Carrie Hembrey said. "There are several problems to choose from and the team has to do everything, so the kids have to choose which problem to do."

The students then have to present a play, solving the problems in their story along the way.

Their first time to compete was in the regional competition this year where they placed third.

That qualified them for state competition.

Hembrey said they decided to move ahead to state, if nothing else but for good practice for her students.

"Just for like the learning experience and since it was our first time we were pretty excited about that," Hembrey said. "In the state competition there were 10 teams in our division again we were still one of the youngest teams and so we were really surprised when we got called out for first place and we were really excited."

They are now fundraising for their unexpected trip to the world competition in May.

"It's very expensive, which we didn't realize because we really didn't plan to make it to world so we were shocked and excited and then a little overwhelmed," Hembrey said.

You can buy ribs from the Odyssey of the Mind team before May 12 or drop off any donation to the elementary school.

You can also donate at this link.

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