Report: Parachute Inn working to reopen

Report: Parachute Inn working to reopen
A Walnut Ridge businessman is working to reopen the Parachute Inn at the town's airport. (Source: Yelp)

(KAIT/TALK BUSINESS & POLITICS) - A familiar fixture at the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport may be on its way to returning later this year as a businessman works to get the project ready.

According to a story from Talk Business & Politics, Seth Hardage is working to completely remodel the Parachute Inn. The restaurant has a section from a remodeled Boeing 737 and has been an eating place for area residents for many years.

In addition to Hardage, Hardage's wife, Andrea, and his mother, Kellee Hardage, are working on the project. Talk Business & Politics reported that Hardage plans to spend about $125,000 on the project.

The remodeling project will also include a plan to repaint the portion of the airplane to look like the aircraft that the Beatles flew on in Sept. 1964.

The iconic British group spent time in Walnut Ridge and the city has a festival each year to honor the group's visit to the town.

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