Turn lane to be built in Reyno

Turn lane to be built in Reyno
(Source: ARDOT via Twitter)

REYNO, AR (KAIT) - Construction is set to begin by midsummer on a project to build a left turn lane on the northbound lane on Highway 67 at Reyno, a state lawmaker said Thursday.

According to a post on Rep. Joe Jett's Facebook page, he said he had asked the Arkansas Department of Transportation to consider placing a left turn lane in the area due to a large number of people who live and travel out toward Reyno.

Jett said he has received calls from constituents about the amount of traffic in the area, as well as problems with people trying to turn off Highway 67 going into Reyno.

The turn lane will be built at Highway 67 and Maple Street, with highway staff working to strengthen the road to support the increased traffic, Jett said.

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