Osceola mother upset after son left at school

Osceola mother upset after son left at school
(Source: WREG)

OSCEOLA, AR (KAIT/WREG) - An Osceola school employee is on administrative leave as school official attempt to figure out how a 7-year-old was left at school after hours.

According to a report from CNN content partner WREG, Ernest Washington was found sleeping in the nurse's office Tuesday evening.

Washington is okay, but his mother said a million things ran through her mind when her son did not get off the bus.

Ashley Harris said she called the school several times before getting a call that her son was found inside the school.

"They forgot, and this isn't the first time," Harris said. "This is actually the second time."

The child was found sleeping inside the nurse's office.

The principal of the school said that is where she left the 7-year-old earlier in the day in an effort to calm him down since he was having a hard time concentrating without his ADHD medication.

Osceola School District Superintendent Michael Cox said he is trying to make sure the child is not forgotten a third time.

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