Sales tax vote heads to polls in May

CALICO ROCK, AR (KAIT) - Residents in one Izard County town head to the polls next month to decide the fate of a proposed one-cent sales tax that supporters say will help the city with solving a major problem.

Voters in Calico Rock will decide the sales tax on May 22. If approved, the revenue from the tax would go toward helping create a police department in the town as well as helping the fire department purchase a fire truck.

The city needs a fire truck and the money from the tax would help cover the cost, Mayor Ronnie Guthrie said. Also, the city has been saving money for a fire truck.

As for the police, Guthrie said the town does not have a police department and that the Izard County Sheriff's Office helps to patrol the town. Guthrie said the need for a police department in a town of 1,500 people is great.

"There is a drug problem in every city around, that's one reason for law enforcement. Just the presence of an officer is a deterrent," Guthrie said.

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