Spinal cord stimulation providing relief for back sufferers

Spinal cord stimulation providing relief for back sufferers
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(KAIT/NBC) - Doctors are using spinal cord stimulation to provide relief to thousands of back pain sufferers. The procedure also offers an alternative to powerful, dangerous narcotics.

Kasey Rhoton was having fun with her children in late 2016 when she took a nasty fall.

She ultimately crushed three disks in her back and needed major back surgery.

Months later, the pain persisted despite a cocktail of narcotics.

On the advice of a friend, she looked into high-frequency spinal cord stimulation.

Doctor Scott Kutz says it sends nerve impulses to stop pain signals from reaching the brain.

"We have patients who've had chronic narcotic use for months or years, that with the stimulator implanted, when it works for them, they're able to reduce or eliminate that medicine altogether," Kutz said.

Doctors surgically implanted a stimulator in Casey's back last November.

She says she felt the difference immediately.

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