Hardy receives FEMA money 10 years after flood

Hardy receives FEMA money 10 years after flood
(Source: KAIT)

HARDY, AR (KAIT) - The city of Hardy received some overdue money and now the mayor plans to use that money for infrastructure.

Hardy Mayor Jason Jackson said the city received $149,000 from FEMA due to flooding in 2008.

The flood caused about $1,000,000 in damage. In order to fix the damage, the money came out of the city's capital improvement fund.

"That's the biggest thing that the city's been lacking for all these years," Jackson said. "We need new police cars, we need upgrades on the fire trucks and the city vehicles, we have been upgrading those. And our streets, we have a lot of streets that just need a ton of work on them."

Jackson said receipts weren't turned in properly, causing the long delay. Jackson said there were negotiations about projects the city did or did not complete, and after turning over the receipts, FEMA owed the city money.

Jackson added receiving the money puts them back in good standing with FEMA, which makes them eligible for assistance if another disaster occurs.

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