ASP: "Speed enforced by aircraft" is no joke

ASP: "Speed enforced by aircraft" is no joke
ASP conducts speed enforcement operation over White Co. (Source: Arkansas State Police via Facebook)

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) - Arkansas State Police want you to know that a sign you may see on the highway isn't just for show.

On their Facebook page, ASP states that if you think "yeah right" after seeing "speed enforced by aircraft," you better think again.

Last weekend the agency, working in the air and on the ground in the Troop B area, made contact with 24 violators in just one hour.

According to the troop, speed enforcement by aircraft takes place as often as possible, weather pending. Troop B is headquartered in Newport.

"So if you have never believed the signs before, know they are true," the ASP post concluded.

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