Investigation, audit requested after missing money discovered at fire dept.

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

BONO, AR (KAIT) - An investigation is underway after money was reported missing at a Craighead County fire department.

The Bono fire chief discovered a "substantial amount" of money missing from the department's bank account on Tuesday evening.

Once city officials realized money was missing, they immediately turned the case over to the Craighead County Sheriff's Office, according to Bono Mayor Danny Shaw. The sheriff's office confirmed they had been asked to conduct an investigation.

"Without saying any names, some of the people who are possibly involved may be too close to the city for the city police to do that investigation," Shaw said.

This investigation started as the Bono Fire Protection District was working on buying a new fire truck.

After working with a bank to buy the truck, the town's fire chief noticed the money was missing.

Mayor Shaw said a legislative audit has also been requested.

"We will determine how much money is missing, the time frame in which that happened and what could be done," Shaw said.

Although the department is called the Bono Fire Protection District, it's not under the city's control. The fire district controlled by a board appointed by county leaders.

Tony Thomas, assistant to County Judge Ed Hill, told Region 8 News "The board has made the right decision in having any potential discrepancies investigated and we will allow the CCSO to complete their process before any judgment is made."

The city contracts the department for fire protection.

Region 8 News will bring you the latest information on this case as it becomes available.

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