Lawrence County Health Unit hosts Hepatitis A clinic

Lawrence County Health Unit hosts Hepatitis A clinic

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - After an employee at a Walnut Ridge gas station tested positive for Hepatitis A, many in Lawrence County are concerned.

On Wednesday, the Lawrence County Local Health Unit hosted a walk-in clinic to provide vaccinations against Hep A.

Within the first few hours, more than 225 people got the vaccination.

Medical professionals at the unit say it was a busy day, but they were not surprised.

"We had a lot of calls yesterday and based on the call volume we knew we were going to be busy," said unit administrator Karen Sagaskey.

She said before the LHU even opened up, people were waiting outside.

For most of the morning, the unit's waiting room was standing room only and some people had to park across the street.

Sagaskey said despite the large crowd, the unit still has plenty of the vaccinations left to give to those in need.

"We were given 600 doses so, we've got plenty at this time," she said.

Sagaskey said the only people who should be concerned are those who ate at the Doublebee's on Hwy. 63 in Walnut Ridge between April 7 and April 18.

However, she said if anyone has any doubts or concerns, they can still get vaccinated at the LHU.

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