Bikers Are At It Again, Lending a Helping Hand

September 3, 2005-- Posted at 8:00 p.m. CDT

Jonesboro, AR--  The hurricane victims fled to Jonesboro hoping to find shelter and kindness. So far they have found just what they were looking for, but local bikers say, it's not enough.

The bikers rode through town today for donations and to raise awareness of the hurricane situation here in Jonesboro.

"The message we are giving to Jonesboro is that people are seeing this stuff on tv and hearing it on the radio. What they need to do is get off their a chair and get out here and lend a hand. These people are Jonesboro people now and will be for awhile."

Fellow bikers cheered Tom on as he gave a 'pep' talk before the ride. A single man and a couple who are here from Louisiana were there to support the ride. Both were riders in their hometowns, but after the hurricane, their bikes are gone.

Gene Bruner, better known as 'Too Tall', says that everyone should ban together, because we are all Americans, and one day, something could happen to us.

In the meantime, Jonesboro is still asking for donations such as water, food, blankets, and hygiene products. What the bikers were able to raise today, went to help those who are staying in Jonesboro.