A Family For Me: Austin

A Family For Me: Austin

This is our first time that we have featured a kid twice on "A Family For Me". Austin was also featured last year with his two sisters. Since we first met them, the courts have separated all three siblings to make it easier to find permanent homes for all three of them.

Many think this is not fair to the children, but many times it's the best decision for the courts because it makes the likelihood of them finding a permanent home much higher. In other words, it's better to separate them to be adopted than to age out in the foster care system together.

Most people don't understand how hard it is to parent a child that has experienced neglect and maltreatment. Many of these kids have behavior issues that have to be addressed with one-on-one therapy. While sad to hear, some siblings need to be separated for the well-being of them all. Especially when it's 3 or more siblings. Simply put, it's tough for a family to take on more than 1 kid with behavioral issues.

That's the position Austin is in right now. He needs a home that is willing to make a sacrifice for him. He needs parents that can help him heal from his past and a family that is willing to be patient with the process. I'm confident there is a family in Region 8 that can meet this calling.

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