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Truckers get training on signs of human trafficking


Around 20 million people fall victim to human trafficking, according to the United States Department of Transportation.

Here in Arkansas, ArDOT has announced it's joining forces with a national initiative that's fighting human trafficking.

A new law is now requiring all commercial truckers to take a human trafficking training course.

According to KATV, ArDOT signed the Transportation Leaders Against Human Trafficking pledge Tuesday, with the purpose of educating those in the transportation industry on signs of human trafficking.

Marina Alexander, a trucker, said that the topic of human trafficking is a hot one among the trucking community.

"I read the trucking magazines. In every magazine there's an article about it," Alexander said.

The criminal activity of exploiting victim is something the state of Arkansas took measures against back in May 2017, requiring commercial truckers to complete a human trafficking training course.

Trafficking of a person is a Class A felony and a Class Y felony if the victim is a minor.

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