Inmates to clean-up county

RANDOLPH COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Randolph County jail inmates may soon be helping clean-up the county.

Randolph County Judge David Jansen said the trash on the roads and in other areas of the county has become an issue.

Now, the county will revive an old program where a sheriff's department employee helped to oversee inmate trash pickup.

Years ago, the county had a similar program, but it was phased out.

Now, the county's quorum court has approved the program to once again help clean up Randolph County.
"We want Randolph County to be the most beautiful county in the state and we're right there," said Jansen.  "We've got five beautiful rivers and we just don't like this trash."

Jansen said at the next quorum court meeting, funding to pay for a supervisor to oversee inmate trash pickup will be discussed.

It will likely cost the county about $8,000 to $10,000 to fund the program.

Once an ordinance is passed to move funding from the budget, inmates will begin picking up trash.

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