Garland County officials arrest their most wanted fugitive

Garland County officials arrest their most wanted fugitive

(KAIT/KATV) - A dangerous man is behind bars after law enforcement agencies took part in a warrant-round up called, "Operation National Forrest."

This initiative was launched nearly 7 months ago in which police focus on Kenno Forrest, who had a parole warrant out on his arrest.

"He is definitely someone who needs to be locked up," said Agent Brandon Emerson with the Arkansas Community Corrections Special Response Team.

Previously, Forrest was the subject of a large scale manhunt after he shot a handgun at a high school official while attempting to steal gasoline from the school property.

Later, in another incident, he was involved in a vehicle chase with Garland County police in which Forrest rammed a deputy's patrol car causing severe damage.

Recently, police came into contact with Forrest at a home off of Highway 128.

Garland County officials told KATV that they found a sawed off shot gun in Forrest's possession, even though he managed to flee from the scene.

At least 30 law enforcement personnel covered the area in an attempt to find Forrest.

He was eventually apprehended after a felony traffic stop.

5 other fugitives were caught during "Operation National Forrest."

Emerson did say that the other 5 have no connection to Forrest and were all arrested in connection to probation violations.

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