Hurricane Evacuees Reach Fort Chaffee

September 4, 2005 - Posted at 7:20 p.m. CDT

FORT CHAFFEE (AP) - Thousands of Hurricane Katrina evacuees arrived at Fort Chaffee over night and a spokesman for Governor Huckabee says that the post is now at capacity. That forced the state to divert planes full of evacuees to Little Rock this morning.

Huckabee was at Fort Chaffee today. Before meeting with the evacuees there, he thanked Arkansans for lending a hand to help their Southern neighbors. The governor said he couldn't think of any people who could create a better welcome than Arkansans.

Quinn said those evacuees were given food and water and bused to the Pine Bluff Convention Center. The evacuees are to be processed in Pine Bluff and then sent on to about 20 locations around Arkansas, mostly church camps.The governor's office says that hundreds of state Health and Human Services workers are deployed statewide this morning to aid the evacuees. In Quinn's words quote, ``a city of nine thousand people has arrived overnight.''

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