Affidavit: Man confessed to son in jail for shooting up house

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Jonesboro police have arrested a suspect in one of three shootings last week.

According to a probable cause affidavit, police arrested Aaron Marcell Young in connection with a home being shot at on Joy Lane on Thursday morning.

According to court documents, officers were called to the 500 block of Joy Lane for a shots fired call.

JPD pulled over a suspected car driven by Young as it left the area.

Documents show that officers could smell an odor of marijuana from the vehicle, and asked Young to step out.

Police say Young then tried to run away, and officers had to taze him to gain control.

Young was escorted back to the police vehicle, where police say they found a box of 9mm PPU bullets.

Police then searched Young's car, where they say they found a Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm with an empty magazine, another firearm, and some marijuana.

Police say they also found 9mm PPU head-stamped casings located outside the home that was shot on Joy Lane.

The affidavit shows that an excess of 50 bullet defects were found in the car and the house.

The affidavit also shows that the victim called police the next day and advised that Young had apologized to her son in jail for shooting the house, saying he believed, "Pickle," was in the house."

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