K9 and deputy complete their first positive track

Janko (Source: Poinsett County Sheriff's Department)
Janko (Source: Poinsett County Sheriff's Department)
Sheriff Kevin Molder (Source: KAIT-TV)
Sheriff Kevin Molder (Source: KAIT-TV)

POINSETT COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - A 90-pound German Shepard was vital in helping one Region 8 sheriff's department arrest a suspect in a residential burglary.

Janko is a multipurpose K9 capable of tracking, apprehending, and detecting narcotics.

He was partnered with Poinsett County Deputy Jason Thomas in June 2017.

After almost a year of training and working together, they had their first positive track on April 24.

A suspect jumped out of a back window of a house and took off.

Sheriff Kevin Molder said Janko tracked the suspect right to his spot in the woods.

"It's very beneficial to us, as far as a department our size, having a K9 such as Janko," Molder said. "It helps us tremendously because once they go out into a rural part of the county, you know a patch of woods, it's hard to find someone."

Janko is the only K9 at the Poinsett County Sheriff's Office.

He worked with another deputy before Thomas.

Sheriff Molder said K9s are beneficial to the department that when they have to retire Janko, he plans to purchase another one.

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