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Pocahontas flood victims look back a year later

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Residents in a Pocahontas neighborhood look back on the past year after being told to evacuate their homes due to rising flood waters.

Region 8 News caught up with people living in the Robil Addition, which is an area hit hard by the floods.

Many residents there said so much has changed, some people started repairs immediately after flood waters receded, others never came back.

‘I’ve been here for 43 years and I can’t do it again,” said Laura Williford, a Robil Addition resident.

Williford has spent most of her life living in the Robil Addition, which makes her no stranger to flooding.

“It was worse this time than it was last time in 2011,” Williford said. “When I got back, there were fish hung up in the fence, dead.”

About 7 inches of water filled Williford’s home and left much more destruction behind.

“I had to do all the walls and all the flooring,” she said. “It’s taken so much time.”

The amount of work it took to complete the interior of her home forced her to leave her job.

“I quit because I couldn't do my house and work every day,” Williford said.

Williford is still without her job, but most repairs are done. Now, she’s working on the smaller repairs and hoping to sell her home and move on, much like many of her neighbors.

“We've lost neighbors that have been here 40 years,” said Geary Barr, a Robil Addition resident.

Some of the homes haven’t been touched since the floods, they sit abandoned. Many other homes have For Sale signs in the yards.

“For the first three or four months, it was rough. You had to live out of a suitcase,” Barr said.

However, Barr is not quite ready to leave his home of more than 30 years.

“You've got so much money invested in them you never recoup, you're going to have to be ready to take a loss." Barr said. "I’m not quite ready yet.”

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