Judges look back at friendship, heartbreak from 2017 flood

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)
Judge David Jansen & Judge John Thomison (Source: KAIT)
Judge David Jansen & Judge John Thomison (Source: KAIT)

LAWRENCE & RANDOLPH COUNTIES (KAIT) - Flooding in Randolph County took an emotional toll on people throughout the county, but it also showed the kindness and generosity of people from all over the area.

Randolph County Judge David Jansen and Lawrence County Judge John Thomison said teamwork between both counties were vital during the emergency.

Jansen said he worked with Thomison to warn him what was headed toward Lawrence County.

The two said they were in constant contact about the flooding, as well as concerned about each other's citizens and safety.

After the flood, the two counties banded together to work on things like the levee system.

"We are so fortunate in Northeast Arkansas to be able to rely on one another and to work at this and with being that fortunate and blessed as we are," Thomison said.

Both say several county judges around Arkansas lent a helping hand during the flooding.

Jansen said the flood was his 13th disaster since becoming county judge, but it had more of an effect on him than any other disaster.

Jansen was among those helping to evacuate the Robil Addition of Pocahontas.

He said his heart still aches when he thinks of what many residents in Randolph County went through.

Jansen said one never fully recovers from something like the flood.

"After the event's over and people get to start moving back in, and they're just heartbroken, and you know I don't know what to say then we just hug them and tell them it's going to be alright," Jansen said.

He went on to say he hopes he never has to face another disaster in the area but knows that may not be the case.

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