Bay firefighters take part in special emphasis training

(Source: KAIT)
(Source: KAIT)

BAY, AR (KAIT) - The Bay Fire Department is working to better protect the community.

According to Fire Chief Kevin McMasters, every volunteer firefighter is taking special emphasis training.

"We are checking all of our hydrants and will go through and update our pre-plans and add to pre-plans that we do not have," McMasters said.

Each firefighter will become familiar with every hydrant in town.

Region 8 News spoke with one volunteer who said he knew where most hydrants are located but not all of them.

The firefighters will also go into commercial structures and locate hazards.

"Things such as churches, schools, businesses," he said. "This translates to two things for citizens in this town. Our guys will know where to go, know what the hazards are, know where to hook up and know where the electricity is, know who the contact information is."

McMasters said the more firefighters know, the better the response time is.

"It's not a question that we have to wait for someone special to come along and do this," he said. "Anybody needs to be able to respond in apparatus or more than one apparatus if the call comes in. That means everybody has to be familiar with where they are going what they are doing and where to hook up at."

The fire department has an ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating of three.

When ISO comes back to rate the department, McMasters said the pre-plan work gives the department extra points on its rating.

The work, in return, could mean lower insurance rates for residents and businesses, officials said.

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