A-State stands by Balado after Louisville TV station releases more details from prostitution scandal

A-State stands behind Coach Balado

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A Louisville TV station has released details from the NCAA and Louisville Police investigation into the University of Louisville basketball program from back in 2014.

A-State Head Basketball Coach Mike Balado was an assistant coach at Louisville during that time.

The details show that Balado and one of the main co-conspirators Andre McGee texted and spoke by phone during the time line dozens of times.

We want to point out, none of the information released to the TV station is new – but the TV station just got ahold of that information.

Balado has been cleared by the NCAA and Louisville Police from any wrongdoing.

A-State is standing by their coach as well, releasing the following statement to Region 8 News saying:

"We are aware of today's story concerning the University of Louisville basketball investigation. Following a thorough investigation that included access to the documents referenced in the story, the NCAA cleared Mike Balado of any wrongdoing prior to his becoming Arkansas State University's head basketball coach. In addition, he was neither sanctioned by the University of Louisville nor was he the subject of any criminal charge in the State of Kentucky. Throughout this time period, Coach Balado cooperated in all investigations. Our due diligence, which involved communication with the NCAA law, policy and governance department and extensive questioning of Coach Balado and his attorney, led us to the same conclusion. We look forward to Coach Balado's continued leadership of our basketball program and consider this matter closed."

McGee was found guilty of major violations and the NCAA gave him a 10-year show cause order which effectively bans any NCAA institution from hiring him.

Head Coach Rick Pitno was found guilty of failing to monitor McGee, and Pitno was later fired after U of L was linked to an ongoing federal investigation into college basketball recruiting.

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