New stadium project to see new scoreboard

TRUMANN, AR (KAIT) - The new Trumann High School football stadium under construction will be impressive, with a recent donation also helping to provide opportunities for students to learn as well.

Roach Manufacturing Corporation recently made a donation for the project. With the money, a Jumbotron will be installed at the new stadium, which will be named RMC Stadium.

According to a media release from the school, the 15X30 LED digital scoreboard will show instant replays, animation, and motion graphics during games.

Trumann Superintendent Myra Graham said the Jumbotron will provide another way to view the game.

"We are going to learn to scrub back and have instant replays - the students will operate a tri-caster system, which are three cameras which are down there on the football field," Graham said. "We are ordering special computers that are souped up enough to deal with the video piece."

The school is also planning to create an AV club, which will allow students to create content for the scoreboard. District officials also plan to pay students minimum wage to operate the scoreboard system during games.

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