Cleaning makeup supplies

Cleaning makeup supplies
makeup cleaning supplies

(KAIT/NBC) - Cleaning makeup supplies every couple of weeks can help prevent acne, eye infections, and bacteria from getting on your skin and makeup, according to dermatologists.

Experts said using unclean beauty products could spread bacteria. So, they offered some tips to help kill germs. One suggestion is emptying makeup bags and wiping them down with antibacterial wipes. It's best to start with a clean base.

"If you clean the makeup bag, the products that you put in are going to be clean as well," said Nora Kapche, a beauty blogger.

Alcohol on cotton swabs can clean hard to reach areas, like the ones found on eyelash curlers or pencil sharpeners.

Experts warn against ignoring the hair dryer. A dry toothbrush on an UNPLUGGED blow dryer can instantly help it work better.

After several rinse and repeat cycles, water and liquid soap will clean sponges.

When cleaning makeup brushes, one teaspoon of dish soap with one teaspoon of vinegar in water is the perfect combination to remove gunk. Lather the solution against LEGOS to clean inside the bristles.

Lastly, when it comes to lipstick, experts said a sanitizing wipe can be used to clean the surface.  This is the same way makeup stores sanitize products before allowing you to test them.

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