Teens learn about babysitting with class

Teens learn babysitting basics

WALNUT RIDGE, AR (KAIT) - A babysitting class has given area teenagers an opportunity to learn how to take care of children as well as being there for them in case of an emergency.

The University of Arkansas Extension Office and Lawrence Memorial Hospital sponsored the babysitting class, which is in its third year, in Walnut Ridge. In addition to feeding and caregiving, the teens also learn how to perform CPR.

Katrina Causey, who works as a family consumer science agent, said the class provides education and a chance for the teens to learn about their future.

"Well, we have got good results. We have children that have been able to babysit and actually make money doing it and we do teach some of the business basics. We have repeaters that come back for their second year because there's so much information there," Causey said.

The class continues until the end of May, with a waiting list already set for the classes.

There may even be another class later this year, officials said.

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