Olympian to get new medal

Olympian to get new medal
Dominik Maerki will receive a new bronze medal after the one he received in the 2018 Winter Olympics began to lose its luster. (Source: KNWA)

SPRINGDALE, AR (KAIT/KNWA) - The idea of winning an Olympic medal, whether it be gold, silver or bronze, can be awe-inspiring.

But for one Olympian, a win in this year's Winter Olympics has literally lost its luster.

According to a report from the Fayetteville NBC affiliate KNWA, Olympian Dominik Maerki won a bronze medal for his native Switzerland in curling.

Since then, there have been problems with the medal.

"I took my medal with me all of the time and all of the kids, they touched it," Maerki said. "I'm not for sure if that was a big impact or not, but my medal ... the color kind of change. It lost kind of the plating and the paint just came off."

Maerki said he contacted the Swiss Olympic Committee, who later spoke with the South Koreans.

Now, Maerki will be receiving a new medal in the next week or so.

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