Autistic boy gets a special spot on baseball team

Autistic boy gets a special spot on baseball team
Jonah is a manager for the Sylvan Hill Bears. (Source: KATV)

SHERWOOD, AR (KAIT/KATV) - As the Arkansas high school state baseball tournament kicks off this week, there's one team that's doing something extra special for one of their players.

According to KATV, the Sylvan Hill Bears will face off against the Batesville Pioneers and Jonah Bernard will be in the dugout rooting them on.

Jonah was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder, a form of autism, when he was just 12 years old.

"He's always been quiet, typically unemotional, and uncomfortable with contact but that all changed after he tried out for the baseball team," said Denny Tipton, coach for Sylvan Hills.

Jonah was offered a spot as a manager and Tipton said, "He jumped, he got a huge big smile and said I'd love it."

In a few short months, the manager has made a dramatic change into a very outgoing person.

Jonah's new found personality has also made an impact on the team as well, motivating them to push harder for the win.

It's been said they he may even get to be the manager for the football team this fall.

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