Woman chooses surgery over transplant

Woman chooses surgery over transplant
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(KAIT/NBC) - One Missouri woman chose surgery over a transplant and said she now considers a checkup a celebration.

Pam Well of St. Joseph, Missouri said six years ago during a family vacation in Florida she ended up in a hospital with severe stomach pain.

After several surgeries around the country, she came to Omaha to prepare for a small bowel transplant. Pam carried her insides on the outside for three years.

Dr. David Mercer with the intestinal rehabilitation program at Nebraska medicine believed Well's problems could be fixed with surgery, and a transplant wouldn't be necessary.

"To say this is the best I've felt in six years is absolutely an understatement," said Well after a successful surgery.

For the first time in years Well said she felt more like herself.

"We asked her how things were going and she said, 'I put a dress on. And I haven't worn a dress in five years. I felt pretty again,'" said Dr. Mercer.

Well can travel anywhere in her little black dress as soon as the drains are removed in the coming weeks. Recently, her family enjoyed their love of snow tubing.

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