Members with Habitat for Humanity ask for rezoning

(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Representatives with Habitat for Humanity say they're building more than homes. They're building communities in Jonesboro.

Michael Sullivan, executive director of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Jonesboro, said they recently asked the city to rezone an area where they plan to build a residential community.

"The request we've made is for our property on State Street," Sullivan said. "It's a two-acre lot just off of Johnson that we're looking to build nine homes on. Currently, it's zoned residential and we could build the nine homes along the street, but it would give the families a big backyard which would be really hard to upkeep. So, in order to maximize our impact, we're trying to be creative. By rezoning it to an RSA we can build a U-shaped street and build the houses around that and in the center of the street put a pocket park for the community to use."

Sullivan said they want to do more than build a home for families in need.

"One of the missions of Habitat is also to build neighborhoods in the community," Sullivan said. "So, not only by building these homes for families in need, by building this pocket park we're building for the entire neighborhood and growing our impact in the neighborhoods we serve in not just for our families, but for the surrounding neighborhoods as well. We're so excited to be able to do this for Jonesboro."

Sullivan said their first step will be to meet with the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission.

"The next step is going through MAPC and getting approved through the council. And then, once it's rezoned and replotted we can begin construction," he said.

The project, Sullivan said, is being done to pay tribute to a community member who gave so much back to everyone else.

"This project is called, 'Build Up for Phillip.' His family has gotten together after one year of his passing to honor him," Sullivan said. "He loved to build and give back to the community. He's done mission trips to other countries and here locally. And in order to continue his giving spirit his family wanted to do something in his honor. They partnered with Habitat in order to make this pocket park possible. And so, they're raising funding still to actually put in the equipment and build the park for this neighborhood."

Sullivan said the project will take four years to fully develop.

The MAPC meeting will take place Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.

Sullivan said there may be a couple of readings on this issue.

To donate to Build Up for Phillip, click here.

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