Area Medical Professionals Lend a Helping Hand In Louisiana

September 6, 2005--Posted at 5:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR-- Everyone has seen the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina and felt the need to help. A group of 6 nurses and 5 EMT's from Northeast Arkansas saw the need and made a difference in Louisiana.

Ken Luff of Emerson Ambulance made the trip and he said in time of disaster even the little things count the most.

"These people were just asking for someone to give them water, a shady place to sit, and no one was helping them so we stepped up to the call"

Although the nurses and EMT's were able to help a lot of people they said one of the biggest problems down there was lack of communication, but in the time of need these trained professionals decided to make a difference in whatever way they could.

"Our crew from for Northeast Arkansas from Emerson and the nurses as well as these people have such huge hearts to be able to step up and break the rules if you have to," said Scott Hutton of Emerson.

For these good Samaritans it's just part of the job.