Parents, coaches misbehave at youth league games

Parents, coaches misbehave at youth league games

CONWAY, AR (KAIT/KARK) - Youth league games are getting heated in Conway on both baseball and softball fields.

Parents and coaches have recently started fighting on those fields.

Now the city's parks department is taking action, laying out what they consider inappropriate behavior and enforcing consequences for adults who break the rules.

An email was sent out last week by the Conway Parks Department showing a list of complaints, including a parent spitting on an umpire, parents, and coaches swearing over play calls. One parent even followed an umpire to the parking lot to start a fight.

According to KARK, umpires like Corey Hays, who's been working for Conway for four years, has set ground rules before every game but says parents and coaches choose to forget those rules in the heat of the moment.

"I'm human, I do make mistakes but we'll play the call that I make and continue to have fun," Hays said. "We don't have instant replay, we don't have somebody else watching, we don't have overhead booths. We have to make the call as best we can and we do as good a job as we can."

The city posted signs on the gates reminding everyone of the rules and the park department has issued managers be present during all youth league games.

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