Police department plans to add gun detection program

Police department plans to add gun detection program
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LITTLE ROCK, AR (KAIT/KARK) - The Little Rock Police Department is planning to add a new software to their arsenal to help fight crime.

According to KARK, the city is looking at purchasing a new technology that would help to pinpoint when a gun is fired across the city.

Little Rock would join other major cities such as Chicago and St. Louis in using the technology.

Although the software is not foolproof, it can help officers when responding to a shooting. Programs such as "ShotSpotter," uses a microphone that detects gunfire, and will alert police of the exact location where the firearm was discharged.

The city has already begun to plan how they would use the technology.

Captain Ty Tyrrell with the Little Rock Police Department says, "We will focus on those parts that have a historical problem with violent crime, in particular, gun crimes."

Some reports have indicated some police departments have done away with using the software, saying it has led officers to the wrong location.

If the city of Little Rock does purchase the software, they say grant money will pay the $250,000 price tag.

The city is currently in the bidding process for the technology, and will continue to search for the right fit until May 17.

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