Teachers encourage parents to practice, retain information learned during summer months

CAVE CITY, AR (KAIT) - It's the time of year where students across Region 8 are counting the days until they walk out the doors to start their summer vacation.

Lauren Terry, a fourth-grade teacher at Cave City Elementary School, said it's vital parents continue to work and educate their kids during the summer months.

"Practice, practice, practice," Terry said. "It is so important for them to continue reading, especially in our grade when we're working on like math facts. It's so important because when they come to us in fourth grade, a lot of times something they were so good at in third grade and then there's no practicing at all. They come to fourth grade and we have to spend so much time on that. Because it's something that should still be up there, but if they knew it in third grade and there's no practice for two or three months and then they come back to us, it's something we have to spend more time on for that."

Terry said above all parents should read with their kids.

"The reading, we cannot express enough how important it is," Terry said. "We always have kids come into us, most of the time they're going to be a couple of levels below what they were at the end of third grade because a lot of times they've not picked up a book all summer. So, it's so important."

Terry said often the beginning of August is used to backtrack what students learned the previous year.

"I would say for the first month we're having to repeat and that's for every grade," Terry said. "Every grade that's what happens. You're going to have the kids that read and you're going to have the kids that are naturally good at math. But for the kids who were like I was, I was a kid who had to continuously practice. But unfortunately, you're going to have kids who aren't going to have that drive. If they don't have anyone pushing them at home, then we're going to have to make up for that."

Terry said another obstacle they face is how fast younger generations are growing up.

"I think the older they get, it should be easier, but it doesn't seem to be easier," Terry said. "It seems like the older they get, especially in this day and age we're getting fourth and fifth graders who already have a pre-teen mentality. So, it's getting tougher and tougher to get past the 'I don't need to know that' mentality."

Terry said if parents will pick up a book and read with their kids it will make a world of difference when they start school again in August.

She also asked parents to not forget about other important skills, such as math, history or science.

Practice can help your child retain information they can lose during the summer months.

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