A-State student's baby takes charge of study hour

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - An A-State physics professor is gaining attention on Teacher's Appreciation Day after a photo of him made the rounds on social media.

Dr. Bruce Johnson recently went above the call of duty for student Kristen Black.

Black is a single mom to 8-month-old Izzy and a biology major, but sometimes the two worlds collide.

"Dr. Johnson does office hours for his Physics I class to help students gain a better understanding of the material," Black said.

Black told Region 8 News she typically can't make the study hall due to motherly duties but knew recently she needed to attend after struggling with a certain piece of classwork.

"I have to pick her up so her babysitter can go to work, and the times are always conflicting," Black said. "So, I asked if it is okay if I bring my baby and thought, worst case scenario, I can leave if she cries."

Dr. Johnson surprisingly didn't turn down the idea. In fact, he immediately told Black to bring her.

Izzy not only became a student for the day but one of Dr. Johnson's helpers.

The moment has gained quite the attention after a picture made its rounds on social media.

Dr. Johnson is seen holding baby Izzy. He walked over to Black's desk, picked the baby up, held her and continued teaching so Black could focus on her work.

"She was just happy to play with the dry-erase markers while I was writing on the board," Dr. Johnson said. "She was such a joy and so sweet."

Black snapped the photo and shared it because it simply warmed her heart and reassured her of the support system she has through her college journey.

"To have him hold Izzy while he was teaching, while I was there being a student and a mom at the same time, it's just awesome," Black said.

"When I see students like Kristen as a mom trying to raise a family and go to school and follow her dreams to get an education she needs to support her family, I'm in awe," Johnson said.

The professor told Region 8 News he wants to see all his students shoot for the stars and succeed, even if that means adding "babysitter" to his resume.

"If I can do some small thing to help then I definitely want to do that," Johnson said.

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