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City's stoplight under review for possible removal

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The city of Hoxie's only stop light is now under review for possible removal by the Arkansas Department of Transportation. 

We're going to take a look at how the traffic is moving, what it's doing, what it's not doing," ARDOT District 10 Engineer Brad Smithee said. 

Smithee said the department was asked to do the traffic study by city officials after several malfunctions with the light during the past winter. 

"We believe it's more of a moisture problem," Smithee said. "The city is responsible for maintaining that signal and keeping it operational so before they spend a lot of money revamping or redoing the equipment, whatever it takes, they ask is the signal still viable."

The signal was built in the early '90s when Highways 67 and 63 intersected. 

"Today they're not there," Smithee said. "One goes around to them, I guess, the east side of town and the other goes to the south side of town. They don’t even intersect, there is a bridge there. So much has changed and that is a component to consider for this traffic warrant study for this signal."

The study might show that traffic is low enough that the intersection can become a four-way stop or it may show that the light is warranted and the city would likely need to update the signal. 

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