Calorie counts are even on cocktails

Calorie counts are even on cocktails
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(KAIT/NBC) - Cocktails are included in the FDA mandated change at many restaurants which stated calories must be displayed on the menu.

When a customer opens up a menu at some restaurants know they'll know exactly how many calories you're consuming.

The FDA now requires all chain restaurants with 20 or more locations to post calorie counts on everything. For example, a margarita has about 300 calories, a bottle of beer around 150, and a Pina Colada, more than 600.

There are studies on whether people actually make better decisions when they see calorie counts mixed in. Still, some dietitians said it's a good first step.

"Calories are a number and if I were to take 100 calories of beer and put it next to a hundred calories of broccoli, they're both 100 calories. But one's much better for you," said Kristin Kirkpatrick, a dietitian.

Kirkpatrick said there's no need to cut out alcohol completely. However, some people may change their drink of choice after finding out just how many calories are in that cocktail.

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