Students spent morning on the go during Ram Run

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PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Thousands of Region 8 kids stepped out of the classroom for some fresh air and exercise.

Public Relations Director for the Paragould School District Tori Thompson said their students total well being is important to them.

"This is our 11th year that we've been doing this," Thompson said. "It's a great way for our school district to promote health and wellness for our students. And to teach our families who attend the Paragould School District that you can have fun and promote a healthy lifestyle."

Thompson added, "Our kids love to come out to the high school to the football field to participate in the Ram Run. The students walk or run for 20 minutes around the track. Then after that we have games on the football field where they can play, they can hula hoop, volleyball or soccer and just have fun being healthy."

Paragould resident and parent Mallory Williams said she loved that her son Benjamin participated in the Ram Run event.

"I love the Ram Run," Williams said. "It helps teach our kids about health and wellness and the importance of living a healthy life. I was so excited that the school does this and has this opportunity for our children. That they do this every year, it's very important as a parent in wanting your child to have a healthy life."

Thompson said not only is the event good for the physical well being, it also helps them mentally.

"Students that are active and live a healthy lifestyle do better in the classroom," Thompson said. "And so, we want our kids to put the screens down every once in a while. Even though technology is so important in today's world. Every once in a while, you have to put your screens down and go outside and be active and play soccer or Frisbee and be around your family and friends."

Thompson said they host the event every year to promote healthy living with both their students and parents in their district.

"The main goal of the Ram Run is to provide health and wellness," Thompson said. "It's to let our kids and their families know you can live a healthy lifestyle and have fun. It's not all about going to the gym. It's playing soccer or Frisbee with your kids. It's getting out in this beautiful weather we've been able to enjoy and just having a good time and being outside and being active. We want our families to know the well being of the students at the Paragould School District is very important to us here."

Thompson said the Ram Run wouldn't be what it is today without the help of so many people.

"The Ram Run has grown tremendously over the years we've been doing this," Thompson said. "We're very grateful to our sponsors who help us put on this great event. We have t shirt sponsors who provide a t-shirt for every student that participates. We also have sponsors who help us provide the entertainment on the football field for the students. All the games and activities that they play. We have around 100 volunteers that help make this happen at the end of the day. We have students that come out and help us with our water stations and with the students. We also have volunteers from the community that come out here and cheer the kids on to encourage them."

Around 2,000 children grades Kindergarten through fourth grade participated in the Ram Run.

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