2-year-old found naked in street, mom cited

2-year-old found naked in street, mom cited
(Source: KAIT)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Police cited a Jonesboro woman with child endangerment after they found her two-year-old daughter wandering around their neighborhood naked.

Officer David Stout said he was flagged down Tuesday morning by a man who said his sister had found the child walking in the street.

Stout followed the man to his home on French Street and spoke with his sister. She reportedly said she was awakened by someone honking their car horn repeatedly.

"She went outside and spoke with a lady who had driven up on a small, naked female child walking in the middle of Center Street," the initial incident report said.

Knowing where the child lived, the woman said she went to the home and knocked on the door, but no one answered.

"She stated that this is an ongoing problem with the mother of the kids who live there," Stout reported. "She put the little girl's underwear back on her and took her to her brother's house…to call 911."

Stout walked over to the child's home and knocked on the door. As he was knocking, Stout said the door "came open" so he yelled for someone to come to the door.

He stated he heard Malarie Cheyenne McGinnis answer in a "muffled voice" from the back of the mobile home.

"She walked out with disheveled clothing on, rubbing her eyes, and said that she had been in the bathroom," Stout reported. "I told her it looked like she was asleep. She denied it and again stated that she had been in the bathroom."

After explaining the situation, Stout cited McGinnis with third-degree endangering the welfare of a minor. She was given a court date of May 16 and released to care for the child.

Stout stated he called the State Police Child Abuse hotline and received a reference number.

The officer stated in his report that he was familiar with the home, having been there in the past "to tell the mother to get her older children out of the roadway."

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