Students rewarded for attending during test week

Imboden (AR) - A group of kids at the Sloan Hendrix School district were rewarded for a week of perfect attendance on Wednesday.

The Arkansas National Guard brought their obstacle course to the campus and during their breaks, kids got to test their skills.

During ACT Aspire test prep, teachers hosted a prep boot camp and challenged the kids to attend every day during the testing week.

The kids had perfect attendance that week and one teacher said she was proud of her students.

"Just to kind of let the kids know that, you know give them an incentive to know that whenever they work hard that we see that, and that we want to reward them for that," said 4th-grade teacher Amber Richmond.

Richmond said it's important that the kids attend every day of testing.

She said the children tend to test take better when it's not a make-up exam or proctored by a different teacher.

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