Jonesboro man claims racially targeted in Dallas security guard attack

Dallas, TX (KAIT/CNN/KXAS) - A military veteran from Jonesboro claims he was brutally attacked by men in security uniforms at an adult nightclub in Dallas, Texas.

"I have love in my heart," Jalen Bell said, the victim of the attack. "I want these guys brought to justice, but I still have a lot of love in my heart."

On Wednesday, with his lawyer by his side, Bell retraced the event of that night at the entrance of the ETC Cabaret.

According to a report from NBC affiliate KXAS, Bell said he and a friend when to the club Saturday night following Cinco De Mayo festivities.

Bell and his lawyer believe it was racially motivated because the men shouted racial slurs during the attack.

"One officer, a white officer, put his arm around his throat, and began squeezing trachea in a choke hold.," Lee Merritt said, the Bell family's attorney. "As he's squeezing, Mr. Bell could hear him saying, excuse my language, *bleep* you're going to die."

In response, the club released the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

"XTC Cabaret Dallas has a zero tolerance policy for any kind of discrimination. Our club has a very diverse clientele, equally diverse management and staff, and has been in business a long time. Our initial understanding is that this incident involved what was deemed to be an unruly customer. We are continuing to investigate the incident internally and ask the community to be patient until that is concluded."

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