Drivers warn of possible "Tint Trap"

Drivers warn of possible "Tint Trap"
(Source: KATV)

BAUXITE (KAIT/KATV) - We've all heard of heard of  "Speed Traps" but what about "Tint Traps?"

The small town of Bauxite is developing a reputation for overwritten tickets by officers on the tint of a vehicle.

The police chief has even admitted that his officers have been writing more tickets over the past few months for window tint violations.

Valerie Kelloms' daughter got her windows tinted as a birthday present.

As she was driving through Bauxite, she got pulled over and written a ticket for window tint violation that cost her $380 in fines.

"I'm mad," Kelloms told KATV. "I'm not paying that ticket. Why...I should not have to pay that ticket."

Kelloms said her front side windows registered between 15 and 19 percent, which is illegal in Arkansas.

Arkansas law says that front side windows must allow more than 25 percent of light but the rear and back windows can be darker.

Excessive tint can make it difficult for drivers to see at night and more dangerous for officers during traffic stops.

Bauxite officers were recently equipped with tint test device, which could be playing a part in the overwritten tickets.

KATV is reviewing window tint tickets issued by Bauxite officers over the past year.

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