Volunteers needed for games at Miracle League Park

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Children from all over Region 8 will head out to the Miracle League Park Saturday in Jonesboro, but the question is whether the games will be a "home run" or a "strike out?"

Softball Coordinator for the City of Jonesboro Sharron Turman said right now they are in need of volunteers.

"Each child that walks on the Miracle League Ball Field to play baseball has to have a buddy," Turman said. "They have to have a buddy to help them play the game and to just be there to protect and mentor them while they're playing."

Turman said this park is important to the parents and the children that play there.

"This ball field was specifically designed for children that have difficulties in participating in a regular sports league," Turman said. "These kids who play here can be in a wheelchair, a walker, down syndrome, autism... just anything that prevents them from participating in a regular league. This is their ball field. It's just like playing the world series for them every time they come to the park."

Turman said parents may have to step in if volunteers don't show up to help.

"The parents will have to get out on the ball field with the kids," Turman said. "Any Miracle League child, or most of them, their parents have a 24/7 job of taking care of them. We want them to come to the park, watch their child play baseball and enjoy the game by being their cheerleader. We don't want them to have to volunteer as a buddy."

Turman said they don't have near the number of volunteers they need for Saturday's games.

"We need volunteers," Turman said. "Anyone can volunteer. This can be baseball teams, the 4-H Club, individuals, church groups, anybody that wants to come out and put a big smile on their face. Believe me, they'll be a smile on your face if you volunteer and you will come back."

Ball games will begin Saturday at 9 a.m.

There will be games for four hours in the morning and four hours in the afternoon.

They need 10 to 15 volunteers for every game.

Turman said they do have a volunteer form that needs to be filled out, so be sure to come about 15 minutes early.

If you are interested in volunteering, you can contact the Volunteer Coordinator Christy Holt at CAHOLT@arkbluecromm.com or by calling (870) 275-2898.

You can also contact Sharron Turman at sturman@jonesboro.org or calling (870) 882-5430.

For more information about the Miracle League Park, click here.

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