Man's Best friend needs you

Man's Best friend needs you
(Source: KAIT-TV)
(Source: KAIT-TV)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Why aren't more people adopting pets and helping man's best friend?

Maybe it's because people are unaware of how great it can be to save a life from a shelter.

Director of the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society Rhonda Qualls said she's decided to enlighten people.

"We've got five or six kids right now," Qualls said. "We've asked them to come and do interviews. And we're going to feature these kids throughout the summer. Everything is completely unscripted. It's all going to be unedited, and we're just going to see what these kids say and how the community responds to that."

Qualls said they plan to feature different kids who have received a new family member from the humane society.

She said the idea just came to her one evening at home.

"I was sitting around at the house one night," Qualls said. "And I saw this thing on Facebook where a little boy was helping get shelter pets adopted through his local shelter. And I thought, why don't we do something like that with our kids who come to the shelter whose parents have adopted a dog or cat. Let's get their take on what it's like to rescue an animal from a local shelter."

Qualls said she wants parents to realize all the benefits that come from owning a pet.

"Pets are so good for children," Qualls said. "It teaches them responsibility. It teaches them how to care for another living creature. It teaches them kindness and can reduce stress in kids. There's just so much that goes along with that when kids have pets."

Qualls said each story is special and unique.

"One of the little boys we're going to feature in a couple of weeks adopted one of our little girls named Maggie," Qualls said. "Maggie was so scared and timid because she had been through a lot. Then the family sent me videos of this dog playing with these boys and I thought, 'Who is that dog?' Because it was a completely different dog. Once that dog got in that home with those boys and they began to love on that dog they developed a relationship that is like no other. So, we decided we wanted to show the community what it's like to adopt from a shelter."

Qualls said these animals just need a family to love.

"So many of our animals need a forever home," Qualls said. "We always have a great selection of animals out here that need a family to love. And most of our animals out here love kids. They love kids that will play with them and sleep with them and love on them, and they always give so much love back in return."

Qualls said you should see a new story on their Facebook page every couple of weeks.

They have around 45 dogs and 27 cats available for adoption.

They are holding an adoption event from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on May 19.

Qualls said they'll be serving hot dogs and providing entertainment for kids with a bouncy house that day.

They'll be providing microchipping for $25 and have a donation station set up when people can donate food to the shelter for the animals if they wish.

For more information about the NEA Humane Society, click here.

To check out their Facebook page, click here.

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