Man arrested after firing shots at ex-girlfriend

Man arrested after firing shots at ex-girlfriend
(Source: KAIT)

NEWARK, AR (KAIT) - A confrontation between two exes landed one man behind bars.

According to a police report, it happened at the 700-block of Haley Ln. in Newark on Thursday, May 3.

The report states an officer located a woman at the corner of Walnut Grove Rd. and Haley Ln.

The victim then told police she went to her ex's home to collect her belongings after their relationship previously ended.

After she arrived, John Hershelman came outside and told her to leave before allowing her to retrieve several of her belongings.

According to the report, the victim then saw another woman at the house, before Hershelman grabbed her several times and attempted to choke her.

Eventually, the victim stated Hershelman went back into the home and came out with a gun and shot twice.

The victim told authorities she left the residence and got to the intersection of Haley Ln. and Walnut Grove Rd. before Hershelman slammed into her vehicle several times from behind.

According to the report, the victim stated Hershelman turned in front of her and headed west on Walnut Grove Rd. before hitting her vehicle in the front, taking off the front bumper.

Officers later located Hershelman driving a gold Toyota Camry with significant damage to the front and rear end of the vehicle.

Officers arrested Hershelman and he was taken to the Independence County Jail.

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